Announcement Chris “Dada” Jonker:

31 October 2018

Some of you might already know, but Chris “Dada” Jonker is no longer part of our #CSGO team. Chris has been a stalwart of the organization for quite some time, and we’d like to thank him for his dedication. He was always the quality and spirited player, and will be missed. We wish you luck in your future endeavours, Chris!

zer0chaNce also said, “We will miss this legend.”

Announcement Jaun “Zeo” Nieuwoudt:

31 October 2018

We’d like to officially welcome Jaun “Zeo” Nieuwoudt to our #CSGO roster. We’re very much looking forward to challenging for the top spot in South African CSGO with you!

If you want to know more about Zeo, please feel free to check out one of his insane plays here.

Announcement Traxion:

15 October 2018

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Traxion has decided to retire from competitive #Dota2.

Traxion has been an integral part of our MGO for the past two years. During his time with us he helped guide us from the lower divisions to the top flight of local competitive Dota. His aggressive and unorthodox play style in-game quickly became a hallmark of the team. Traxion ultimately helped us achieve one of our biggest goals; lifting the VS Gaming Dota 2 Masters title in 2018. Elder Titan #NeverForget.

We’d like to take this time to thank Traxion for all his hard work and dedication over the past two years. You’ve helped create life long memories and have shaped the MGO for years to come. Good luck for all your future endeavors and know you’ll always be part of the Sin5 family! You will be missed.

Announcement Call of Duty:

22 September 2018

Earlier this year we picked up our very first Call of Duty roster. The local Call of Duty scene is vibrant and filled with exciting new and veteran players. Our aim was to expand into this passionate community and help enable younger players succeed.

We regretfully have to announce, that we’re going to release our current Call of Duty squad. While certainly talented, the fit between our new players and Sinister5 hasn’t been ideal. We want to extend our thanks to these players for playing under our banner and we wish each of them, success in their future endeavors.

What does this mean? For the immediate future, we will not have a Call of Duty roster. Going forward we’ll strive to always make sure we prioritize selections, that fit with the values and ideals, which our fans have come to expect from us and our teams.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Announcement Call of Duty:

27 July 2018

Introducing our new #CODZA team, consisting of:

Travis “Lumo” Johnson, 
Joshua “Sensii” Charles Victor, 
Matthew “Freestyler” Naidoo, 
& Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd!

Welcome to Sinister5!

We’re looking forward to seeing what our new Call of Duty team can do during the rest of 2018. Good luck, guys! We’re 100% behind you!

Read what some of the team had to say about joining Sin5 to Esports Central here:

Announcement Charity Stream:

1 June 2018

As some of you may know, Exdee Gaming challenged our #Dota2 team to an exhibition Bo3 Reverse Captains Mode match on the RustyPieLover Charity Stream. Of course we accepted their challenge! Each team will be donating R1,000 to CANSA The Cancer Association of South Africa.

This will take place on Saturday 30 June at 18h00. The casters will be RustyPieLover, RockLee, and Kaameel Chicktay.

We hope to see you all on the stream! We will share the stream details closer to the match date, once they are confirmed.